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standing on a street corner waiting for no one is Power

con un cerebro de lebrel que nunca duerme

Luis Damian Robles
8 August 1982
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An American bard at last!

One of the roughs, large, proud, affectionate, eating, drinking, and breeding, his costume manly and free, his face sunburnt, his posture strong and erect, his voice bringing hope and prophecy to the generous races of young and old.

We shall cease shamming and be what we really are. We shall start an athletic and defiant literature.

We realize now how it is, and what was most lacking.

some day in six inches of
ashes will be all
that's left of our passionate minds,
of all the worlds created
by our love, its origin
and passing away.


Y sé muy bien que no estarás.
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